Book an appointment in less than a minute.

Book an appointment in less than a minute.

What is it?

It’s an innovative approach to booking appointments with your service providers

How we do it?

We enable you to easily locate service providers and request for service from the comfort of your phone or computer

Why are we awesome?

Using Foleni app is like having a personal assistant at the palm of your hand. It helps you save time, find best deals in town and get extra value for every penny spent

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Customer Benefits

  • You don’t have to sit and wait for your turn, you could do something else as you wait.
  • Derive extra value for every penny spent through loyalty programs
  • Know the cost of a service before booking
  • Find a service provider closest to you
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It's as easy as

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Explore local business by name.

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Select a preferred business branch and book a service.

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Position update

View position in queue and estimated waiting time.

Are you a business?

Are you a hair salon, spa, physiotherapist, chiropractor, dentist or auto garage? Do you take bookings from your customers? Don’t be left out. Foleni enables you to streamline your appointment booking process, cultivate customer loyalty and gain new customers. Besides thousands of Foleni users are looking for you. Register today and start enjoying the myriad of benefits.